About Us

Our company operates at a global level in the pleasure boating industry specializing in the integration and sale of technological propulsion systems for motor and mega yachts.

The products marketed are the result of a careful design aimed at researching technological solutions which guarantee the vessels’ performance with special attention to the environmental impact.

The company’s structure is organized in technical, commercial and administrative departments, with a section dedicated to service and warehousing, in order to ensure a punctual management of the different phases preceding and following the distribution of the products marketed, even relying on offices in Italy and abroad.


Our mission

Our mission is to offer our customers a complete package for the propulsion systems as well as for the management of the electric power, automation and electronic power navigation systems. From design to supply and the pre and post-sale assistance, always seeking the best solutions in view of an ongoing research in technological innovations.

The research favors also technologies which are less impactful on the environment without compromising the nautical performance.


Brands and Products

Customers can count on the Company’s assistance during the entire purchasing process, for the first commissioning of the vessels and for any warranty assistance.


How We Work

The continuous research in the technological innovation coupled with the safeguarding of the environment brought to the participation to CO.FE.ME, leader in the market for the design, production and distribution of catalyst reductors in the pleasure boating industry.

To be able to grant a timely and complete pre- and post-sale assistance, the company Marine Propulsion &Service S.r.l., Single-Member company, has been founded. Marine Propulsion is managing the workshop with its warehouse in La Spezia’s headquarter as well as the service point in the Marina of Cattolica, also availing itself of authorized service points and workshops located all over Italy and abroad.

Marine Propulsion & Service also takes care of the first commissioning of the vessels and their relative testing.